Morten Freberg's Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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My medical diagnoses

Asperger syndrom
− A mild form of autism.

Modic type 2 in the neck.
− You can read about Modic here.
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Tietze syndrom
− A very rare and sometimes very painful chronic inflammation.
− A chronic inflammation / swelling in the rib cartilage at the transition to the sternum that comes and goes.

− Difficulty understanding math and reading numbers.

My pets

Mille (11.08.2014 - 13.09.2023)
− Mille was a minipig that has been in the news several times, in two commercials and in some TV series.
− Actor in Wisting - S1E2 (Viaplay)
− Actor in Blodtur - S1E1 (Netflix)
− Actor in a NRK TV series that will be released in 2024.

Jacob (01.09.2006 - 28.10.2022)
− Jacob was an african grey (parrot).
− She is a girl, but got her name before I knew her gender.
− She did have a skin disease that no vets figured out, she lost feathers and down when she did flew, but she did not pluck herself.


− Several people say that I know "everything" about IT - I may know more than most, but there is also a lot that I don't know, but that I want to learn!

− I am very fond of taking pictures of nature, animals and other things, but I need a new camera, since it's currently broken (see my Instagram profile).

− I like to watch movies and series, I do own about 900 DVDs and BluRays, but I mostly stream now a days.

− I like listening to music, I do also want to learn how to make music.

Fixing things
− I like to fix things, everything from PCs to sewing machinges to arcade and audio equipment.

Work experience

Marita Brukthandel Mjøndalen (as a volunteer 2016 - )
− IT manager
− Redesigned the network infrastructure

Arbeidsinstituttet Buskerud Department Drammen (Autumn 2011 - 31.08.2016)
− IT manager teacher within GNU/Linux

Åssiden Videregående skole (Åssiden high school) (August 2008 - 31.07.2012)
− IT manager
− Customer support
− Network (HP Procurve switches and wireless access points)
− GNU/Linux servers
− Windows servers
− Apple products

@ctiveWeb (10.03.2006 - 12.05.2006)
− Setup of an HP ProLiant 1U server with Apache, qmail, MySQL and PHP
− Setup of two Siemens Primergery U6 ​​with 12X SCSI Raid (5) with Microsoft Windows Server 2003/IIS.

Buskerud county house (Buskerud County municipality) (19.04.06 - 31.10.2008)
− Testing of new equipment
− Setup and operation of various GNU/Linux servers
− Setup and operation of Asterisk (IP telephony)
− Setup of GNU/Linux machines

− Web design and coding in PHP
− Setup of virtual machines / servers in Virtualbox, QEMU and VMware ESXi
− Monitoring of hardware and servers (GNU/Linux and BSD)
− Setup and operation of official DNS servers for


Strømsø Videregående skole (Secondary school) (2005)
− Nature and science

Arbeidsinstituttet Buskerud department Drammen (25.8.2003 - 31.07.2006):
− Design and craftsmanship
− Mechanical course (18.08.2005 - 04.04.2006)
− Canteen course (11 dager)

IT competence certificate (31.07.2006)

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